Devlog #34 and Small Update

 Hello fellow Drynorians, hope you are doing great!

 I’ve been really busy since my last devlog, we participated in a week long game development event as well as GGJ2022. We partnered up with another team at an event, planning on releasing a small game on Steam together.

 The small project that I’ve mentioned a while ago is now taking shape. It’s going to be named Dekamara and it's a puzzle-platformer. Currently most of it’s assets are placeholder, but I’m working on it with ShySeel as well as other 2 people for pixel art and audio.

 Kalyzmyr is going to be released on 1 March on Steam.

 As for the Kingdom Lost, recently we had a disagreement with our musician, Kaan Salman, who worked with us for 2 years voluntarily and he sent a copyright claim on our trailer video on Youtube for revenge I guess? It’s not like we put it without his consent so I assume it was out of spite. Anyway, I completely replaced his music with royalty-free music I found on the internet, and disable SFXs since some of them were his work.

 I also fixed several bugs while I’m at it:

  • Fixed not being able to enter church with princess dress by clicking on churchs door.
  • Fixed double key prompt at the start of the combat.
  • Fixed combat locking when players click on enemy too early.
  • Fixed crush at village gate caused by clothing check.
  • Added new NPC, Duuba, his dialogues and storyline is currently WIP and not added.
  • Alicia now works as a waitress in Snoring Cherry, her content will be expanded later.

 Things are going slow lately on Kingdom Lost since we are focused on other projects, but we'll be back soon!

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