0.5.6 Release/Devlog #31

 Hello everyone! It’s been an awfully long break since our last release and a small part of me is sorry about that, while the other part has been enjoying what’ve been doing in that long time period. 

 ShySeel finally went through her surgery and everything looks okay so far.  For those who don’t know, she had keratoconus in both of her eyes and we’ve been tracking the illness's progress for a half year. Her eyes get tired very easily, but it’s going back to normal with each day. If everything goes well, she should be able to use her eyes as normal soon.

 About Kingdom Lost; there were tons of things I wanted to add to the game and I just decided to focus on those things while ShySeel was away, instead of adding new content(though there is still lots of new stuff). The game looks much more beautiful and feels much better with the new additions and improvements. Though we still lack in terms of content, especially when items and equipment are considered, we decided to work on the current content we have. We tried to add new maps and enemies with each update while fixing and improving the content we already had, which was too much for us. We decided to improve the currently available areas and content instead of trying to add more for a little while until our community and we are satisfied. I especially want to focus on Ann’s and Dianna’s already existing content more. 

 About the mobile version; it works but it needs some polish. It might not look or feel good but honestly, I didn’t expect the mobile version to even work after so many changes I made without testing it on the mobile, not even once, but it works. Anyway, I’ll spend more time on the mobile port to make it a better experience for you. IMPORTANT: You need to double-tap on items in inventory to be able to use them.

 Aside from working on the new version, we also participated in an event, in which we made a new little game called Kalyzmyr in 10 days, and it’ll be released on steam soon! We also changed our Discord server name to PsychoSeel, since from now on it’ll have different channels from each of our games and not just Kingdom Lost. Version Notes


I couldn’t keep track of all the changes I made so not everything is included in this changelog.

  • What’s New
    • Alicia now waits in front of the bandit camp for you to join her to help get her belongings back, instead of cutscene teleporting both of you automatically.
    • Yuumosh finally sells potions.
    • Added 9 different types of harvestable pumpkin and 3 new items: Pumpkin, Pumpkin Slice, Roasted Pumpkin Slice(this one will be used in crafting when it’s available). They can only be found in Grimshear currently.
    • Added Dianna's new questline, speak with her to begin the quest.
    • You can now attack enemies in the open world similar to many JRPG's, which gives you an advantage(or disadvantage if they hit you first) in combat.
    • Added new visual effects for mining, woodcutting and breaking objects.
    • You can now give your saved files name by using the console when saving. Open the console with '`' or ':' and type 'SaveGame `filename`' and press enter. Files will still be sorted using the date they are saved.
    • The game automatically saves when the game crashes. This caused a game-breaking bug in the previous alpha version but it should be okay now. Save file is named `crashsave`.
    • Added leather armor animation sprites.
    • Added SFW scene for 'Missing Person' bounty
    • Added a new skill check mechanic independent from combat and can be used anywhere(not used anywhere yet)
    • Improved how harvested/salvaged/mined objects are saved. Trees and mines are now saved and regenerate over time.
    • Added item rarity frames.
    • Added touch screen and mouse support to inventory.
    • Added buttons to the main menu(except key bindings screen, it'll be added later).
    • Added an option to copy save files to clipboard and create new save files from the clipboard. Save files created this way won't have .png files and won't show screenshots of the last state.
    • New lighting system with a custom shader.
    • A new system for mining and gathering, currently wood cutting and stone mining available.
    • Improved surface detection for footstep sounds.
    • Added camera smoothing
    • You can now break most of the lootable objects.
    • Disabled F3 button outside of debug mode.
    • Removed fog visuals from events and encounters, replaced with better readable visuals.
    • You can now enter most buildings by interacting with their doors instead of entering automatically when you come close to the door.
    • Looting uses the same system and visuals as inventory now. The old loot system is removed.
    • Changed weather system and added rain droplets.
    • Added dialogue branch tracking system, tracking previously activated dialogue lines and allowing me to take it into account in various scenarios, currently used in Dianna's dialogues.
    • You can hit plants to collect them now, similar to woodcutting and stone mining.
    • Leana's walk speed is reduced 2.5->1.5
    • Improved health bar visuals.
    • Improved audio system, changed how sound effects are managed to give Kaan better control over SFXs.
    • Made the Secret Tunnel much smaller than before.
    • Implemented a new skill check into combat.
    • Resized Lamrock to make it smaller and updated enemies.
    • Tons of minor improvements and fixes.
    • New font.
    • Skipping the prologue now gives you extra 3 health potions and 2 antidotes.
    • Improvements to cutscene, interaction and open-world combat encounters.
    • Overhauled inventory and character panel, adding mouse support and refining codebase in general.
    • Skill cooldowns are reduced by half at the beginning of combat.
    • Imported quest, bounty, character and item data into JSON format for the sake of organizing the project better and allowing easier modification of the game.
    • Changed some dialogue lines of Ryle when 'Missing Person' bounty is active.
    • Changed Dianna's dialogues and added new lines, it's still WIP.
    • Many other minor improvements and changes in dialogues.
  • Fix
    • Fixed the combat health bar and visual issues in small text bubbles.
    • You can't trigger Alicia's quest in the forest before talking to her anymore.
    • Fixed wrong head placement of NPCs.
    • Broken outfit check before entering Grimshear
    • Crash when clicking on skills in the character panel
    • When the cutscene crashes, black screen will be removed if it exists.
    • Interacting with Adrey's dialogues after Adrey is killed won't try to activate his scene and crash the game.
    • Soldier encounter won't be triggered before the Shaman fight if the player skipped the tutorial then entered the secret tunnel from the forest.
    • Nude and underwear attack sprites.
    • Fixed cutscenes in the first forest area after leaving the tunnel that prevents the player from going below or to the left side of the map.
    • Crash when clicking on a button before buttons appear in the main menu.
    • Room switch text scaling wrong when camera zoom is changed.
    • Blinking screen in Alicia's questline when switching rooms.
    • Gomrak no longer uses anvil animations while walking.
    • Keys can't be remapped because of the 'Overlapping keys detected' error.
    • You can't end dialogue with Ryle.
    • Cursor won't appear unless you use a mouse when using inventory in combat. - One hand input doesn't work.
    • Stat book crashes when opened in dialogues, this was unwanted behavior and disabled.
    • Some visual problems in combat-related to qte buttons visual effects.
    • Skill cooldown number not showing, reduced black squares alpha when it's on cooldown to make skill readable even when it's on cooldown. These visuals are temporary and will change with combat update.
    • Movement speed when walking/running diagonally.
    • Losing your party after saving/loading.
    • Ann's dialogue after rescuing her via bounty.
    • Crash when interacting with beds.
    • Crash when map is loading due to cut down trees in the map.

Known Issues

  • (Common)Characters sit on the same chairs in the tavern. The current AI system is temporary so please ignore it.
  • The audio system breaks when exiting the tavern if you visit the second floor.
  • Visual issues with outline shader when trying to interact with lit torches.
  • The map shows wrong character placements. It is an experimental feature and will be remade later.
  • Temporary workaround for some light objects that are scaling wrong when the camera is zoomed out.
  • Outline shader is broken in Linux.
  • (Rare)Each key counts for double tap.
  • Loot notifications can overlap.
  • EXP goes to the enemy when killed by Riposte(waiting combat update).


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Version 0.6 Nov 19, 2021

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