Bugfix Release


  • Some UI elements are drawn outside of the camera on some resolutions.
  • Village gate outfit check crash and Leana walking in the wrong direction.
  • Headless sitting NPC's in a tavern.
  • Talking with NPC's while topless or without underwear would crash the game.
  • Taking items from NPCs or chests crashing the game for some players.
  • Crash after using Dianna's bed.
  • Fogged areas in closed rooms wouldn't clear when the player is inside the room.
  • Talking to moving NPC's might result in locking controls permanently and other unwanted behaviours.
  • Mobile version combat issues.
  • Game couldn't find data/save files in Linux operating systems.

 Since I'm not planning to work on the engine for a while, I'll be opening a new poll in our Patreon to decide what kind of content will be added in the next update. We'll be focusing on new content in the upcoming update before we start to work on new features and mechanics, or polishing existing features.


kingdom-lost-windows-beta.zip 100 MB
Version Nov 24, 2021
(AND)Kingdom Lost v0.5.6.2.apk 115 MB
Version Nov 24, 2021
kingdom-lost-linux-beta.zip 100 MB
Version Nov 24, 2021

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