Devlog #30

 Hello everyone! I just quickly wanted to say that I’m done with the 5.6.0, there is just one bug that prevents characters from teleporting, which results in some scenes missing them(like Alicia if you go to intercept bandits before she walks all the way there). Other than that, there isn’t much else left to do. The update is ready, but I’ll be busy for the next 10 days or so, so expect a public release at the beginning of November. But the current version is available in the alpha state in our Discord server. 

 Digi Games from the competition we signed previously reached out to us and asked if we could make a game in 10 days and I gladly accepted it. Aside from just simply wanting to make a game, there is also the possibility of us working together since they are focused on marketing indie games and that is exactly what we need. We are currently working hard on that small game, after that, we’ll continue working on Kingdom Lost as usual. 

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