Devlog #32

 Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting any devlog since the last update, I’ve been kind of overwhelmed lately.

 Since the beginning, I wanted to involve players in the development process as much as I can, while offering monthly updates, but we’ve never fully achieved that goal. With that said, I’m extremely sad to say that I closed our Patreon page. Instead of a Patreon page focused on Kingdom Lost, I plan to reopen our page as our team's Patreon page, giving our patrons exclusive access to our games and involve them in their development process whenever I can.

 We never could deliver what we promised with Patreon, which made me reconsider my plans. Even so, the fact that our players still supported us through donations made us extremely happy and we’re grateful for that. 

 As for the Kingdom Lost, since ShySeel is behind schedule, I’m going to give her some time to catch up with the current content. In the meantime, I’m implementing waitress AI and I plan to add waitress minigame afterwards. I’m planning to polish and expand the AI system, music system then expand the current content before moving on to the combat update. Also, I'll release another bugfix as soon as I can.

 In the meantime, I’m working on two short games right now, hoping to earn some money. You can check out our game Kalyzmyr

 on Steam, which will be released at the next Steam festival.

 Other project is going to be a personal project, which I can fund by myself. I'll be hiring artists after I’m more or less done with it. I’ll share the details as soon as things start to take shape. It's probably going to be a short side-scroller platformer and I’m hoping to finish and release it in several months(ideally not more than 3 months but you never know). Game will be priced but I’ll send keys to each of our supporters(including past supporters) when it’s on Steam.

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