Devlog #35

 Hello everyone, I’m sorry for being silent for so long. It's been a rough several months and I’ve been spending my time with Kalyzmyr, Dekamara, Oh Sheep!(it’s a collaboration game we made with another team, which will be released on Steam soon) and a part time job(which I quit recently). 

 As you may know, I halted development of Kingdom Lost until I’m done with the two little side projects. One of the reasons for that decision was that I believed that we could’ve been done with those projects fast. Which I believe is not the case anymore, since the art on those projects are coming along really slow. I’m not complaining, I’m just stating this as a fact.

 Another reason was to give ShySeel time she needed to catch up with the Kingdom Lost. Her low amount of working time has been an issue for a long time and after our recent conversation about this, she decided this is not what she wanted to do and she left Kingdom Lost. I suspected this was the case long long ago and brought up the subject several times, but she kept insisting on working on Kingdom Lost and it’s not like I had another option, so I agreed. We agreed to finish Kalyzmyr together though.

 My only hope is finding new artist(s) that I can work efficiently with, in the meantime I plan to finish Kalyzmyr and Dekamara with placeholders and continue working on Kingdom Lost, even if I can’t release anything new since I’ll be working with placeholders.

 Sorry that I shared this devlog a bit late comparing to Patreon, since games Itch page has been suspended by DMCA claims by the musician we worked before(I didn't get any warning about this so I reacted quite late). 

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Dw dude, take your time. :D

All the best to you, and everyone else. :D

*please say if it's alright to comment here or not, I don't know lol.*

Thanks for your kind words! It's okay to comment here, authors can disable comments if they want so you don't need to worry about that.