Devlog #33

 Hello everyone! I’ve been wanting to make a post but I’m very busy lately and I don’t have much time.

 As I mentioned before, I’m working on 2 games right now, Kalyzmyr and Dekamara, both are going to be short games and I’m working on both of them actively at the moment. Kalyzymr is going to be released with the next Steam festival, then I’ll be focusing on Dekamara. I’m also working on a part time job to earn some money. After Dekamara, I’ll be focusing on Kingdom Lost again. 

 Kalyzmyr already has a publisher and we might work with the same publisher for Dekamara. If things go well, they might even help us publish Kingdom Lost. I’m not going to share any details about Dekamara other than it’s going to be a puzzle-platformer eroge since %90 of the current sprites are placeholders.

 I want to apologize for not releasing a bugfix, even though I said I would. It suddenly felt like there are too many things I’m trying to do at once, and I felt exhausted when it comes to Kingdom Lost since it’s been really hard for me to manage my team. Especially since she’s been struggling with depression for a long while now, I’m looking for alternatives as pixel artists, which is going to cost a lot. Not to mention our audio designer suddenly throwing a tantrum and abruptly leaving the team. I just hope I can get more financial support with Dekamara on Patreon and then fund the Kingdom Lost. I’ll update Patreon page when I release Dekamara.

 Again, I apologize for the lack of bug fixes, even though I get tons of bug reports each day. I plan to be back working on Kingdom Lost in the next 1-2 months. 

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