Devlog #60

Hello everyone! 

 Currently we are testing the game and making final improvements and fixing bugs as well as polishing the game. We are trying to improve feedback while making the game feel more juicy. To achieve this, we want to change how collectables work and look, improve feedback and visuals of pregnancy mechanics and add some visual improvements to HUD. Maybe show an extra explanation text when the pet spawned. I’ve already made many changes so far, the changelog is pretty big. We're going to release v0.6 on Itch as soon as we can announce our Steam page.

As for myself, my 12 yo desktop computer finally gave up and I’ve switched to my laptop(which is more or less at the same age). Hopefully it will hold out until I can afford a new computer.

 Hey there, Shyseel here. If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to these past weeks with no update I have been working…. Very, very slowly. Maybe I should take a straight up vacation but that feels impossible since we have so much to do. I’ll focus on the remaining work for now and get some well deserved rest after everything is done!

Steam page images are ready and after I'm done with gifs, we'll launch and share the page. See you soon and take care!

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Get some rest little brother, too much work can harm you and cause anxiety, because you will have to do this and do this and that.

And this can give you a headache, rest every other day.

It might be good for you to think of new ideas for the game and have some free time to take a walk outside and have some coffee.

Don't force yourself too much, okay? You still have plenty of time to develop your game, just avoid getting overwhelmed, this can make you feel really bad

Take care, and have a good day, a good afternoon or good night

(⁠ ⁠T⁠_⁠T⁠)⁠\⁠(⁠^⁠-⁠^⁠ ⁠)