Devlog #62

Hello everyone! Currently we are in a loop where we send our Steam page for review to the Steam page and it gets declined. I’ll leave this rant to Shy, since she’s the one who’s getting affected by this the most. But as long as it’s accepted, we are ready to promote our page. Trailer might be added a bit later since I’m still working on it, but everything else is ready.

 Since the last version, I've been focused on other jobs since I desperately need a new computer. My current laptop is barely running the Gamemaker and all I can do is play pixel art games (with some exceptions to that) and surf around the internet and I’m getting bored to death. I’d normally spend most of my time cycling or running, but it's the rainy season here so I’m just stuck at home, while not having many options to entertain myself. I feel pretty depressed. Just before the weather got cold, I was planning on a camping trip on my bike, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea right now. Now I’m planning on getting some computer parts from Europe in January and hopefully build myself a pc soon. Until then I’m trying to keep myself occupied as much as I can.

 Anyway, I’m hoping to tackle this review process with Steam asap and sign up for the Next Fest in February. Take care!

Shyseel here! Like Psy mentioned, steam page preparations are done except the mushroom character on the front. You can see her panties, which is a problem for Steam, so I tried 5 different variations, some of which I absolutely despise. I hope the short short trick would work, so I don’t have to give her a pair of spandex UNDER the thigh highs (yes I know, it’s super triggering to think about) 

Aside from that I started Mint’s animations! This will be a part of the collab, but we need an enemy with a complete set of animations. I had the genius idea to make her summon tiny slime gals! So her class would be summoner, a different type from all the other girls. 

I don’t know if you’ve seen it but I’ve redesigned her, sadly we’re saying bye bye to stripes on her thigh highs for the sake of pixel visuals. But I gave her little bunny ears! Hopefully you’ll like the end result.

Unlike Psy, I’m an introvert, couch potato and a lover of indoor activities so I’ve been nothing but glad about the changing weather. Especially since I love winter time and festivities. It’s the most beautiful time of the year~ Hope you have an amazing time enjoying warm indoors and cozy blankets <3

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