Devlog #64

Hello everyone, hope your new year has been great so far! We have great news, our Steam demo has finally been approved!

 With Demo being playable, there is nothing to stop us from promoting our game! I’ve never been strong on the marketing side but I also wanted to wait to prevent losing our chance to convert store page visits to wishlists. I've also gave a comission to a musician for the trailer video, I hope it'll be ready in two weeks.

Thanks to feedback we got on Itch, I’ve discovered some issues with the current release and updated my todo list according to that. You can expect those to be fixed in the upcoming release.

 In our previous post, we asked if you’d like to see new stages and I’m quite surprised that %80 was in favour of new stages. Maybe it’s normal since I’m the one who's designing those maps, but I was not satisfied with the maps I created most of the time so I was genuinely surprised when people mentioned that they would like to see more maps in the Discord channel. I’m quite happy to hear you are enjoying the maps I created!

 Kalyzmyr is also ready for the final release! Since the last release I made changes to difficulty and added new boss rush rooms, which appear randomly and costs 1 Crystal to enter. Its rewards depend on your score so it might not be profitable to enter if you are not ready for the boss.

Today we are making some changes to Patreon tiers! We decided that offering our games cheaper on Patreon is just not a good approach. Instead of offering our game cheaper here, we’d like to offer something special to our patrons. From now on, we are going to involve our patrons more in the development stage and share the project details as we are working on it. I'll set up Discord and add exclusive channels for our patrons in a week.

Dekamara is almost done so there isn’t much to get involved with right now, but I’ll be sharing the maps I’m working on with our patrons on the exclusive Discord channel. You can also share your suggestions and ideas about Mint as I’m working on her.

 With that said, here is how the new tiers are going to work:

  • 1$ Tier: See Patreon exclusive posts and access to discord WIP channel
  • 3$ Tier: Closed(Tier is going to be removed as soon as patrons move away from this tier)
  • 5$ Tier: 
    • Everything from previous tiers
    • Access to beta versions before major releases
    • Private discord channel for feedback
  • 10$ Tier: 
    • Everything from previous tiers
    • See private todo list on Trello
    • Access to design documents, story etc..

I’ll be making necessary changes on Discord for the new tiers within next week.


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Jan 04, 2024

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