Devlog #59

Hello everyone! This week we finished with voice acting(except for the Mint), Steam cover and new soundtracks! I'll share some teasers soon!

 I’m really happy with how the cover image turned out, Shy did an amazing job on that! I’m also pretty happy with the results after new vocals are added to girls, that combined with new soundtracks, the game feels a lot better and feels like a fresh experience even for me.

 On the other hand I’m working on some minor bug fixes and improvements. Since it’s been a while after the last update, I feel like there could be a small update with the current changes but since I made too many changes towards the upcoming, bigger release, we’ll have to wait. 

 For the full release, I’m aiming to improve how the game feels by polishing some of our current mechanics:

  • Improve the feedback when a girl is impregnated
  • Improve the feedback when a damage dealt on player is absorbed by SP
  • Improve particle visuals and their animations.
  • Add an audible indicator when the player draws an aggro of a girl while there is no aggro on the player.

 Hello, Shy here! Just finished the cover a couple days ago and I have little left to do before the store page opens! Psy mentioned Halloween being this month might end up affecting the page traffic, but I think by the time it's all done the Halloween hype might die down a little. (Who am I kidding? As a Halloween seel myself, the hype never really dies down through the year.) 

 I have to say I’ve listened to the voice lines first hand and…. Some of them have changed the way I see life fundamentally. I am truly a cultured and improved version of myself after listening to these lovely ladies moan their heart out for our game. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. I hope you’ll enjoy them too!

 We are going to open Patreon chat soon, feel free to ask any questions you have and share your feedback directly with us there! Take care!

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