Devlog #58

Hello everyone! Poll is closed and the title is decided!

 Since it got the most votes and I also leaned towards the title, Curse of the Mystise, from the beginning, we decided to go with that, thank you very much for voting!

 I spent this week mostly finding VAs, contacting them and adding the voices. With that said, I'm happy to announce which VA voices which character:

  • Squire: Honey Vee
  • Archer: Chloe Angel
  • Warrior: Chloe Angel
  • Healer: Chloe Angel
  • Saver: Chloe Angel
  • Mushroom: Honey Vee
  • Guide: Honey Vee

We are still looking for someone to voice the Witch and we'll get to Mint later. We wanted her original VA from Slime Girl Smoothies but unfortunately she is no longer available. We'll look into finding another VA whose voice will suit her looks.

 The next update, we are going to merge gallery mode into the main game, including its 1$ price. If you were planning to buy the main game on Itch but didn't, now is the time. Gallery mode won't be removed from Itch, it'll be hidden so players who bought it before can still download and play.

 Regarding the Gallery Mode, I updated how it works and placed NPCs in better positions, added the option to see loose scenes or normal scenes without going through any hassle. I couldn’t do a good job with its initial release but I think it’s okay now. Separate gallery mode will also be updated when the next update is available. Next update is also going to introduce some bug fixes, huge optimization for mobile devices with slow CPUs, Portuguese translation and gamepad configuration. I couldn’t test the gamepad configuration, since my old xbox 360 gamepad has finally given up, but it should be working fine.

 Hey everyone, Shyseel here. I am a tiny bit behind schedule but Psy wanted everything to look detailed and I took everything slow to make sure everything is better quality. We plan to launch the game on Steam soon, and then we will be focusing on getting a solid number of wishlists before full release. Right now Psy is taking care of the advertisement and I'll mostly look at upcoming Patreon rewards, such as possible merch. I can't wait for the full release! Take care everyone and we’ll see you next week!

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Best of luck to development and take all the time you need. I look forward to more as things begin to properly pick up again.




I can't wait for the characters' voices, as soon as the steam version is released, I will add it to the wish list, so when I finally buy a laptop or a good PC, I will buy the PC version to help you with your game. 

My brother bought a gamepad so he can play CODM and Minecraft, as soon as it arrives, I will test it and see if the game controls are working normally. 

see you next week psy 👋


Thanks for your support with optimization and translation. Everything went smoothly thanks to your help.

Take care!