Devlog #56

 Hello everyone! As Shyseel is continuing with her artwork, I’m working on Dekamara’s design and story, as well as looking into our options regarding voice acting and soundtracks.

 As you may have noticed, we opened up commissions on our Discord server for voice actresses and a composer for trailer music. We want to give each girl a unique voice so we are looking into working with multiple voice actresses. Unfortunately Paypal is not available here, which reduces our chances as to whom we can work with. It’s quite hard to find anyone willing to work without Paypal.

 As for the soundtracks, we are currently working with our original artist who made our current music. She finished one track and is working on another one. We want to add at least 3 new music to the game(one for gallery) and one more for the trailer.

Today I noticed that some people think that stage 9 is bugged on the last altar and it cannot be completed. That's not true folks, stage 9 is perfectly fine. From previous comments I thought that people are just having a hard time but I didn't really understand that they were thinking it's bugged, my bad.

 In the last few weeks, we are having some discussions about what changes we are going to make on the Patreon page and we finally came up with several names for Dekamara 2! I'll let you know more all about it soon and probably open up a poll too! Take care!

Hey everyone, Shyseel here! Super excited about finally opening up the steam page. Psy and I have been working hard to plan upcoming stuff. We have a meeting every week to discuss how everything is going. I’m currently behind but I’ll work hard to catch up with everything art wise. See you guys next week!|

By the way, for those who are having performance issues on their mobile device, I uploaded an experimental and optimized build, check it out!


Dekamara v0.5.02 Demo(optimized).apk 49 MB
Sep 20, 2023

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