0.2 Released!

 Hello everyone! It's been a busy month for us, so we are a bit behind on our planned schedule, but here is the update!

With this update, we add 2 new characters and 3 new sex scenes.


  • Fixed plant projectile collision issues.
  • Fixed credits screen, which was broken after I fixed the camera for different aspect ratios. I apologize for this to everyone who contributed to this project.(also fixed this in 0.142)
  • Fixed keyboard keys showing instead of gamepad buttons for interactions.
  • Added 3 new levels and level selection screen.
  • Increased character run speed.
  • Pressing pressure plates for the first time now shows which gate has been opened.
  • Added optional censorship for Youtubers(you can enable from options).

Depending on feedback, I might add a map instead of a guide in the upcoming versions. 

With this update we aim to get as many Patrons as we can so we’ll hit our Steam release goal. So, the game is now 2$ on Itch but you can get access to the latest version for 1$ if you are a Patron. We take commission work whenever we can to be able to pay for our living costs and we need your support to be able to focus on developing our games full time. That being said, we plan to make the previous versions available for free after the newest releases, meaning 0.2 will eventually be free also, as well as future versions! Thank you for your support. 


Dekamara0.2.zip 20 MB
Oct 05, 2022
Dekamara0.142.zip 21 MB
Oct 05, 2022

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Do you plan to make this game have a price tag?

Yes, you can get the latest version for 1$ if you become a Patron, otherwise you'll need to wait for the 0.3 to be able to play 0.2 for free.  Latest version always will be for sale, while the previous version will be for free.

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So will the final version be free or 1 dollar?

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It'll be priced, but we didn't decide on the price yet. It'll be always available for free to 1$ Patreon supporters.

Okay, thank you for the info.