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 Hey everyone! 

 Since the release we've been continuing development, not just Dekamara but Kalyzmyr as well. For Dekamara, I’ve been working on bug fixes and new levels while ShySeel is working on new characters.

 I’m currently adding new maps. Maps won’t be as big as the previous version mostly, and the game will gradually introduce new mechanics and puzzles with each new level and start mixing those to create complex levels.

 In the meantime, ShySeel has been working on the upcoming characters:

 This is our mushroom girl, she’s going to replace all the mushrooms in the game. It’s functionality won’t change from the previous mushroom object, but she’ll be coming with a unique interaction.

 Mage is another new character that’s going to be in our new version. Mage is going to solve the ‘softlocking the game by dropping girls off the edge’ issue.

  Until next time, take care!

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