0.14 Hotfix

  • Fixed killing plants causing crash when game is loaded from a save data that belongs to earlier versions.
  • Fixed an area which would prevent players going back, which was unintended.
  • Added bug tracking.

 This is probably the last patch for the v0.1, v0.2 will be ready in a month with new levels and girls!

 For the v0.2, I plan to split first level into several levels and expand on them for the upcoming version. We'll be also adding a new enemy type(Witch) and Mushroom Girl that players will need to 'interact' to activating them. I might also change/add several new features, I got some inspirations for new ideas from the feedback we get, like adding a specific requirement for altars, which is a pretty good idea considering this game has some puzzle elements. We might also add some new animations to already existing characters but this is not our priority right now.

 As always, thanks for playing and look forward to upcoming updates! Take care!


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Aug 29, 2022

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