Kalyzmyr is Released!

 Hello everyone!

 As you may know, we were working with a publisher on Kalyzmyr, even though it was a great experience and they were an awesome publisher to work with, we couldn’t agree on some parts of the contract so we decided to part our ways. I’ll publish Kalyzmyr under our Steam page after our partner account is accepted, it'll be available both on Itch and Steam.

As for the progress with Kalyzmyr, I’ve been crunching for a while to finish it and I believe it offers a lot in the current WIP build(which is not yet published). Unfortunately the disagreement we had with the publisher distracted me, and the current WIP build is not fully playable, but I’ll update the current public build as soon as it’s in playable state. There are tons of upcoming changes and it’s going to feel a lot different than before. I’m really excited to share this with players as soon as I can.

 Look forward to the upcoming awesome update and we'll see you soon! 


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It like a classic from 16 bit or MS DOS era