Oh Sheep! is an endless runner based game which has an end.

You'll be running for your life as a mysterious humanoid creature who calls itself "Shepherd" to gather a flock of sheep and protect them from monsters that have different abilities.

Gather stray sheep as much as you can to get the highest score while protecting them from sheep thirsty creatures. Gather sheep by baiting them with wheat, beat the nasty creatures with your mighty stick. Featuring 5 unique enemies, 2 unique bosses and arcade mode, with each level featuring its own leaderboard.

Shepherd: Shepherd is a creature that no one knows who it is and also what it is. It wants to gather the biggest flock of sheep but for what purpose? It has a sturdy long wand and a heart which can beat all the enemies he will face.

Sheep: They are helpless,  smol and friend shaped floofs that are waiting for their hero to save them from cruel monsters. But there is only one way to gather them to your flock, a wheat. Then they will be yours forever and never leave your side. Unless..

Enemies: You will face five unique enemies and two unique bosses until the end of your journey. It won't be easy to beat them until you find out what they are capable of. Some of them use their claws, lasers, slime, some of them use explosives and some of them use TOO MANY EXPLOSIVES!

Can you save your flock against the hordes of hungry monsters in this fast paced sheep herding action game?

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Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Arcade, Fast-Paced, High Score, Pixel Art, Singleplayer

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the in real make the boss eas





Ok i had fun but i'm really bad at this :(

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your not alone